Think About How You Think

Think About How You Think

We are not what we think, know, or believe. 

Our beliefs and knowledge are learnt and adopted from the past. 

We are the “little voice in our heads” or consciousness that questions, “why did I think that way?” or “why did I believe that?” or “why did I behave that way?”

If you still don't get what I mean, it is the voice in your head asking, “what is he talking about?”

All of us have had to change our thinking or attitudes to certain norms or things in the past.  Wearing seat belts and not driving when drinking are examples of changes in our thinking and attitudes.

In fast changing times, to make good decisions, we must pause more often to think about how we think. 

We can’t rely as much on things that worked in the past. The future is different.  Being on auto-pilot can be dangerous.



Thinking about how you think, or being mindful is a skill and a state of being that allows you to pause and reflect on changing situations that need a new approach.

The first time I was exposed to the “mindfulness movement”, I thought it was complete B-S.

Mindfulness was presented to me as meditation, something I didn't get. I have real trouble clearing my head of all thoughts.

However, after reading a book by Isira, called “Awakening you”, I learnt that mindfulness involves a range of techniques in addition to meditation.

One such technique, is “witnessing”, where you learn to observe your self in the conversations you are having rather than being consumed in them.


It is important you find techniques that work for you, slows things down, and helps you think about how you think as you confront change and new things.

Whenever I am quick to judge a new trend or things as “B-S”, the little voice in my head is now programmed to remind me of how wrong I have often been in the past and that I better take the time to understand more fully before I draw conclusions.