Don't Confuse Leadership and Management

Don't Confuse Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are important and different, and should not be confused. 

I don't like it when I hear someone referred to as “just a manager, not a leader”.  

It is wrong to talk about leadership in a way that demeans management. 

Management is about doing what you do and ensuring that it is done well

Leadership is about questioning why and how you do what you do

Leadership is about making change happen.

Think about the great leaders you admire, they are inseparable from the change journey they lead or inspired.

Leadership is the ability to see opportunities to do new and better things with improved results and outcomes.

Management is the function or process that aligns what the people and resources of an organization do with its purpose and priorities.

Management has many strands; organizational, functional, process and the most important, being people management. 

Each is different and requires the assignment of someone with appropriate skills and experience.

Leadership is different.

Leadership is something anyone, anywhere in an organization can do, regardless of whether they are on the front line or managers high up in the ranks.

Anyone who can see an opportunity to do something better and is able work with those around them to make it happen, is leading. 

Where leadership and management converge is on the journey of converting a new idea or ways of doing new things into an everyday reality. 

More than ever, organizations need good leadership and management to sustain success. 

Organizations need leaders at all levels to be the best they can be.